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What do the HUS do?

Support you.

The HUS is here for you no matter what help you need, from supporting your welfare to helping you with academic problems as and when they occur the HUS will support you or help you find the right person to help you.

Represent you.

The HUS acts as your representation to the college and although we can’t always change things we’ll get your voice heard where you want it heard. We also represent you to the wider university (via CUSU) and external organisations (via voter registration and other activities)

Provide services.

The HUS provides a number of free and paid for services for you. Based in the HUS Office in the Cavendish building, the HUS office is manned during the day by our lovely HUS exec. We provide free sexual health and sanitary products as well as a wide range of Homerton Stash available to buy. We also provide bed and emergency bike rental as well as holiday storage. 

For opening hours and a full range of products click below

Keep updated

Keep a look out for the HUS Email Bulletin, arriving in an inbox near you every week!

The HUS also regularly posts updates about what we’re up to on our Facebook and Instagram feeds which you can get connected to using the links below.