Escape Rooms – 6-8pm

Location: Lockhouse Escape Rooms Can you escape in time? Experience an escape room with your household. Enter either Armageddon, The Egyptian Tomb, or The Secret Agent here in Cambridge! More information here: We’re booking rooms for about 4 people (all who must be from the same household) but we can accept bookings of 3 or 5! This is a limited event subsides by the HUS, so each participant will be asked to pay £10 to cover the cost of the event. If you want to book a room, please fill out this form. The allocations will be first come first serve. Note: currently the form is no longer in use as we believe all slots have been booked.

Suggested Pub Night – 6pm onwards

The HUS can’t do our annual pub crawl this year (at least not at the beginning…) however, we have a list of suggested pubs (at very varying distances from Homerton) that you might want to consider visiting around Cambridge. Please do stay in your households and observe the rules and regulations of the places you visit! We hope to have a much bigger, better HUS run night later in the year as soon as we can…

The Regal (Wetherspoons)

The Flying Pig

The Earl of Derby

The Eagle (The one where they announced the discovery of DNA…)

The Bath House

The Granta

The Station Tavern

Novi (Bar rather than Pub)

2648 (Bar)

All Bar One (Bar)

Please have fun and stay safe! And of course, remember the college bar (The Griffin) is open for takeaway up to 10!

Possible Events Tonight

Unfortunately, the HUS can’t run events this year like we normally would due to household and general COVID-19 restrictions. But there are quite a few things that we can suggest for you to just go out and do in your households around Cambridge! We’d recommend touring the Botanical Gardens, visiting the arcade, bowling or cinema in the Retail Park next to Homerton, or heading to one of the many pubs around Cambridge (like the Flying Pig, The Regal or The Eagle to name a few).