Consent Workshops – Various Times

Consent workshops are run by the members of the HUS, who have received training in how to run these workshops with sensitivity and discretion. The event is one of the few serious events the HUS runs in Freshers week and is not strictly mandatory, but everyone is expected to attend (unless they choose to opt out by getting in touch with

Content Note: During this workshop there will be discussion of themes relating to sexual violence and assault. We will also mention misogyny, homophobia, racism, ableism and briefly cover substance abuse. There will be no graphic details relating to violence or sexual assault.

Location: Horobin Room (Groups A0, B0, A3, B3) , Alison Shrubsole (A1, B1, B4, A4). Click here to find out which group you’re in.


Possible Events Tonight

Unfortunately, the HUS can’t run events this year like we normally would due to household and general COVID-19 restrictions. But there are quite a few things that we can suggest for you to just go out and do in your households around Cambridge! We’d recommend
touring the Botanical Gardens, visiting the arcade, bowling or cinema in the Retail Park next to Homerton, or heading to one of the many pubs around Cambridge (like the Flying Pig, The Regal or The Eagle to name a few).