Discrimination and Harassment Workshops – Various Times

Location: NW Auditorium (A0, B0, A3, B3) or Paston Brown Room (A1, B1, A4, B4). Click here to find out what group you are in.

Virtual Freshers Fair – 3-6pm

Location: Online (link and information to follow)

Our Freshers’ Fair is a fantastic chance to meet the societies and sports that Homerton has to offer! Take a look around our virtual fair and hopefully a society will catch your eye! Every group that signed up this year has made a booth with various materials ranging from posters to recruitment videos!
Not all societies, or sports teams, are present in the fair. This is particularly the case for many sports teams, but you will have the chance to meet them and to try out for the team on our sports day! This is currently scheduled for the 10th of October, but more information is soon to come.
The link to the virtual fair on artsteps is below. We recommend walking in a zig zag direction to make sure you see all of the booths. When viewing materials clicking it will centre it on your screen and open a sidebar that describes everything present in text. We recommend this as a way to easily copy and paste links present in posters! To zoom into an image, you can use your forward arrow.
If you have any issues accessing the artsteps gallery, we also offer a text version of the fair. This includes the same introductions, images, and image descriptions as the artsteps gallery. It’s a much friendlier format for clicking links (which are hyperlinked in blue), zooming into images, and accessing the image descriptions. We recommend having this open alongside the artsteps gallery in the chance you experience any issue whatsoever! It is linked below.
Some societies and sports will be hosting meetings during the event. They’d love to have a chat, so check the link below for when they’re on and meet them!
If any society catches your eye, fill out the form below and we’ll send your name and contact details to them!

Meet your College Family – 7pm onwards

If you don’t know your college family well enough by now, now is the perfect time! Usual practice is for the parents to take the kids out somewhere to eat and then maybe go to the pub (or whatever else you would like!) afterwards, but feel free to organise a virtual dinner or chat. You can also choose to meet outside, where it will be possible to keep socially distanced.

Obviously things are a little different with Coronavirus so if you decide to go out, please can we ask everyone to respect the rules of the places you visit and for larger households, you should be splitting into two to respect the rule of six, or indeed parents could schedule another dinner for another time!

This is not at all mandatory, nor is it booked, it’s just the time we suggest, but feel free to do your college family dinners anytime!

Location: Outside Hom.

Possible Events Tonight

Unfortunately, the HUS can’t run events this year like we normally would due to household and general COVID-19 restrictions. But there are quite a few things that we can suggest for you to just go out and do in your households around Cambridge! We’d recommend
touring the Botanical Gardens, visiting the arcade, bowling or cinema in the Retail Park next to Homerton, or heading to one of the many pubs around Cambridge (like the Flying Pig, The Regal or The Eagle to name a few).