Homerton Gym Booking System



The Homerton Gym will reopen on Tuesday 27th April. We have had to change the way the gym works to keep everyone safe.

How will booking work?


  • Users will have to book their sessions in advance, preferably with a couple of hours notice.  Users can book sessions for one hour, and we have to implement a 30 mins break between users to ensure sufficient ventilation.


  • Please only book one session per day, and we may have to limit the number of bookings per week if there is high demand.


  • Users should collect gym access cards from the Porter’s Lodge before their session, and return them after they are finished. Do not exceed the one hour slot as this will cause delays.

How are we mitigating risk of COVID?


  • Users can only use one of the two gym rooms per session. The rooms have been called the “Main Room” (the one with the running machines, ellipticals, and cable machines) and the “Weights Room” (the one with the free weights and ergs). Do not move between rooms during your session.


  • There is a limit of 3 people in the Main Room and 2 people in the Weights Room to ensure sufficient space for social distancing. Please stay 2m+ away from others.


  • Users should exercise alone, and there should be no mixing between households at any time.


  • Ventilation must be maintained at all times – windows open and AC on.


  • Users must come changed in clean and appropriate sportswear – the changing rooms will not be available for use (except for the toilet facilities).


  • Please wash hands before, during and after using the gym, the gym equipment and any machines.


  • Face Coverings must be worn on entry and exit – they are not mandatory during exercise.


  • Equipment and machines must be wiped down and cleaned after use – cleaning products provided by Housekeeping.

Requirements for booking the gym


Failure to comply with the following requirements will mean that you will not be able to use the gym, and is dangerous for yourself and for others.


  • All users must have completed the usual gym membership requirements. Please complete the induction and complete the application form here. (You only need to do this once)



  • All users must read and comply with the risk assessment (here) which is a full description of the current restrictions and mitigation procedures.


On to the booking form!

You can only book sessions for the next 7 days, so that we can reduce the number of no-shows.

You can only book one session at a time using this form. Please don’t book an excessive number of sessions so that as many people can use the gym as possible.

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