Here are a number of your sports- and societies-related questions we have answered for you. If there’s something not here that you think should be, message your question to us using the Contact page.




Q. Can I set up a new sports club or society?

Yes! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Write a proposal

Create a one-page document that includes the name of your sports club or society, its aims, and if you need any funding, what you need it for.

2. Recruit your first ten members

Then get ten people to put their names, CRSIDs and signatures on it to support your creation of the sports club or society and become its first members. Two of these people must take on the roles of President and Treasurer.

3. Hand it in to the HUS

Pop this into the HUS Office, and we’ll check your society’s aims don’t conflict with those of the HUS or with any other existing sports club or society.


4. Get cracking!

Once the HUS approves your new society, it will be a bona fide part of the HUS. Congratulations! Get started with training/meetings and we look forward to see how it progresses!

Q. How are sports funded?

All college-based sports teams are run through the Griffins Society, which has its own budget within the HUS budget. The Treasurer and the Sports Officer work closely with the HUS Office Manager to make sure that all sports have equal access to funding opportunities. The HUS contribution to each sport is calculated using a number of measures, including the cost of hiring space to play, the cost of equipment, and the amount of time team members play their sport per week. As the Griffins budget is limited, most sports can only be part-funded, and the difference must be made up by the sports team paying subs. There are different tiers of subs, depending on how much funding your sports team needs. For more information, contact the Sports Officer or the Treasurer via the Contact page.

Q. What is a ‘blue’?

Achieving a blue means competing in university sport at the highest level, and must include competing in a Varsity match or race against the University of Oxford.

Q. I’ve got a blue. Can I get funding?

Yes, college offers funding for those who have represented the University in sport. Come and collect a Sports Representation Form from the HUS Office – it will need to be signed by your captain and returned to the Bursar’s Office for approval.