Homerton College Sports Pitches – Guidance to use.

Located to the north of Long Road between the railway line and guided bus route.  The post code is CB2 8PX but cannot be relied on.   Sports fields are accessed down a sharp hill off Long Road bridge.

The keys are at the Porters Lodge and can only be signed out by one of the people on the list at the PLodge. This person is responsible for ensuring the following:

Ensure you take the following with you (all at Porters Lodge):

  • HUS first aid kit
  • Bucket(s) and sanitiser wipes for cleaning hands and equipment
  • Keys
  • Your equipment – rackets, balls, cones, bibs

You should have also completed a risk assessment for your activity approved by the Assistant Bursar and ensure you have a qualified first aider.

The entrance gates have a large chain and lock which can be unlocked and the gates opened.  At night it might be very dark so make sure you have a light either from a torch or bicycle light or mobile.

The Pavillion is under construction and there are no bike racks as yet.  Please do not attach them to the fencing of the pitches as this might prevent an ambulance accessing the further pitches.

There are portaloos. The doors are unlocked but need a good pull. Please make sure in using these social distancing is maintained.  There is a defibralator that belongs to St Marys in the adult toilets.

There are two sets of floodlights:  Those to the right of the hockey pitch turn on the two sets of lights for hockey and the bollards – at night these latter should be turned on.  The second set is next to the rugby/football pitch and turn on the two sets of lights of the rugby/football pitch and the tennis/netball courts.  Again once the bollard lights are turned off it is very dark so please ensure you have some form of light.

On leaving make sure of the following:

  • all gates to pitches are closed;
  • rubbish is put in the bins;
  • toilet doors are closed;
  • lights are off; and
  • main gate is closed with lock.

Take keys back to porters lodge straight away.

Lastly remember and brief all attendees including your opposition on the following:

  • Don’t come to the grounds and leave if you have any symptoms of Covid.
  • Wear appropriate footwear (no blades or studs) and make sure you do not take dirt onto the pitches;
  • Follow the appropriate NGB playing and training protocols;
  • Keep socially distance by 2 mts off the pitch;
  • Sanitise/wash all shared equipment and your hands frequently;
  • Keep a list of all attendees for 21 days in case required for track and trace;
  • Keep off the newly seeded grass.


Booking Forms:

4G Pitches

Netball and Tennis Court

Hockey Pitch