Sport at Homerton is organised by the Sports Officer. The Sports Officer supports all Homertonians who play sport at the college and ensures that the HUS is able to react to the needs of the College sports teams.

Below you’ll find all the sports Homerton runs, with a snippet of information on each. For more information, contact the Sports officer through the Contact page.

If you’d like to know about University-wide sports teams, take a look at the sports section of CUSU’s Student Life Directory. Whether you fancy a bit of Aussie rules football or a spot of windsurfing, they have tonnes more sports on offer!

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Athletics is an up and coming sport in Homerton but has already had great success in the twice yearly inter-collegiate competitions held in October and April. Athletics is one of the few sports that can be proud to be so varied that we can find an event to suit anyone of any body-type or ability. We welcome prospective athletes from all levels; whether you are a National Champion, want to relive your school sports day, or were inspired by the Olympics and wanted to experience the original (and best) sport for yourself.



Regular Training sessions and games played at Hills Road Sports Centre every week.



Homerton Basketball is a danger to whichever team we face because we take pride in our sense of teamwork. We always welcome new ballers (rookies or veterans alike) to help us ascend further up the college ranks. To do this, we will practice weekly, with more practices being planned. We’re looking forward to welcome you to the team!



The Homerton Cricket team are a friendly bunch of chaps with so many ducks that we are now protected by the RSPB. We practice in the Michaelmas and Lent terms with weekly indoor nets sessions and, later on, fielding sessions on the Sports Pitch when the weather picks up… if the weather picks up. Matches begin in the Easter term with The Cupper’s tournament as well as post-exam friendlies. We welcome players of all levels; even if you haven’t picked up your bat since school it would be great to see you playing again! So grab your balls, polish up your googlies and sign up!



Homerton houses four football teams of different levels, all of which play in the university leagues.

This variety of teams allows anyone to get involved, from no experience at all to past county players – Homerton will always have a team you can really enjoy playing for!

The Men’s 1st XI Team play a very high level, and are always a favorite contender for league winners. However, the Men’s 2nd Team are definitely still holding their own in the league below, which is almost unheard of in College football.

The Women’s & Non-Binary Team are another strong team at Homerton. They are always excited to welcome new players, so don’t be afraid to get in touch!

For those who don’t want to take the sport too seriously, there is the Men’s IV Team, with few training sessions and rare matches, this could be for you if you’re looking for less commitment!

Trials will take place after freshers week so don’t be afraid to sign up at the Homerton Freshers’ Fair or contact the Sports officer in regards to playing!

See you on the field!



Homerton’s Ultimate Frisbee Team has been very successful in the College league in recent years. With several training sessions a week, along with weekly league matches, if you like frisbee you won’t be disappointed at Homerton!



Homerton has two active hockey teams: Women’s and Mixed. The  Women’s team plays in the College Leagues and their respective Cup competitions during Michaelmas and Lent. The Mixed team plays their Cup competition and John’s Summer Sixes. We welcome anyone with any enthusiasm for the sport, with or without experience! Matches are usually held at the weekend. All the teams are great fun to be a part of as well as playing some sublime hockey! If you’re keen, or even just interested at picking up the sport, contact the Sports Officer!



The ‘Homerton Heroes’ Mixed Lacrosse Team was started a couple of years ago, and has been going from strength to strength ever since! No experience required so sign up now!


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Homerton netball club welcomes players of all levels, whether you were a keen player at school or are interested in trying a new sport. We have a Ladies team and a Mixed team, both of which performed well in last year’s league matches and Lent Cuppers. We train on Saturday evenings from 8-9, and tend to play our matches on Sundays. Homerton netball is very relaxed and a great way to have fun with friends and relieve some stress!



Homerton College Pool team play in the top division of the University Inter-College leagues, having been promoted last year. We have also reached the final of Cuppers in each of the last two years, winning once. Matches are held throughout the year, starting in late October and ending at the end of Lent term, with a possible Finals day at the start of Easter term. Informal practices are held on the pool table in the bar- there is normally at least one of us on there.



Rowing is the sport Oxford and Cambridge are most renowned for, and Homerton certainly has its fair share of rowing talent. HCBC are well known throughout Cambridge, and worldwide since they broke a world record in 2017!! Training for rowing goes on all year round throughout the week and at weekends, so there are plenty of opportunities to have fun on the water and get a little competitive, as well as gain from the support of some of the best coaches in Cambridge. HCBC is also one of the most sociable clubs on the river, participating in many friendly boat club swaps, and every member has the pleasure of experiencing the notorious boat club dinners. If you are interested in rowing for Homerton, from novice to expert, contact us as we would be very keen to have you on the team.



Homerton Rugby team has been extremely successful in recent year, having climbed from the depths of the third division to the top flight of College rugby. Matches are weekly in Michaelmas and Lent term, with weekly training to help their chances to win some silverware each season. They welcome all new players, experienced or not, who want to play rugby for Homerton and enjoy the social side of rugby.



Homerton Squash is comprised of 2 teams. We play in weekly matches in the College leagues during the first 2 terms, and, also in the College Cuppers during Lent term. The Homerton Squash teams were only brought together over the last few years, and we welcome anyone who would like to play, regardless of experience.  If you are interested, please contact the Sports Officer.


Table Tennis

Homerton’s Table Tennis Team is up-and-coming, and is always looking for enthusiastic players of any level to join them. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Sports officer via the Contact page!



Tennis at Homerton is fun and competitive, we are always looking for new faces to join us. We field several teams across a wide variety of fixtures, both competitive and friendly.

In the summer, Homerton boasts two of it’s own tennis courts on West House Lawn which are free for use by the members of the College.

We are always looking for new faces, so if you’re new to tennis or a veteran to the sport, if you fancy yourself as the next Andy Murray just contact us to get involved!