The HUS is always around to help out with whatever you need! Remember you can always drop into the office, use the welfare phone or HUS Questions but if you ever want to directly get in touch, you can reach the individual HUS members at these emails:

Role Name Email (followed by
President Phoebe HUS-President
VPI Umme HUS-Internal
VPX Mia HUS-External
Treasurer Jules HUS-Treasurer
Welfare Robin HUS-Welfare
Welfare Laura HUS-Welfare
Welfare Rhea HUS-Welfare
Communications Tavy HUS-Comms
Services & Green Helena HUS-Services
Academic Affairs & Liaison Sasha HUS-Academic
Target & Access Ines HUS-Access
Ents Isabella HUS-Ents
Ents Amy HUS-Ents
Sports HUS-Sports
International Ines HUS-International
Gender Equality Nora HUS-Gender
Disabilities Mikha’el HUS-Disabilities
BME Bonna-Lisa HUS-BME
Class Act Ben HUS-Class
LGBT+ Liberty, Tom & Harry HUS-LGBT