There are a number of ways to get in contact with us. Use one of the email forms below, or drop into the HUS Office during our opening hours (10am-2pm and 5pm-7pm on weekdays).

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General Contact



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Report Eduroam Failure

The IT Helpdesk is on call 24 hours to sort internet problems in accommodation blocks and around college, but they need more details than the contact form so please DO NOT use the contact form to contact IT via estates or the HUS. It will take a lot longer to sort out otherwise. Instead, email them directly from a PWF computer or, if you have internet access still on your mobile, at Or alternatively, call them directly for free from your in-room phone at 47109.

You can also report a problem on Nexus here!

Make sure you supply your name, room number and email address so that IT can follow things up!

Report a Room Fault

The Estates Helpdesk is manned on weekdays between 8am and 4.30pm. You can contact the desk by dialling 47020 from your room phone, or by filling out the form below (which will send an email to the usual Estates email address, If your problem is urgent and outside of manned hours, please contact the Porters Lodge.



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Request Welfare Provision

You can contact the welfare team  via the welfare phone: 07876 317 717. Alternatively, use the form below to request welfare supplies. Give us a text if there are any problems, or your request doesn’t appear.

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CondomsLubeDental damPregnancy testChlamydia test

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Overheard in Homerton

Let us know what funny thing you overheard, and it might make the front page!

Please do not submit anything sexist, racist or otherwise inflammatory, and do not mention any names or make it obvious who you’re talking about. For more information click here.

What did you overhear?

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