Executive and Support Team Elections Easter 2020

Elections were held to elect the following people to the following offices:

Vice-President Internal: Harry Convey

Treasurer: Arina Machine

Welfare Officers: Rati Aftab, Mikha’el Seth and Libby Warr

Ents Officers: Eliza Castell and Greg Taylor

Academic Affairs & Liaison Officer: Jennifer White

Target & Access Officer: Mia Cook

Communications Officer: Bronagh Leneghan

Sports Officer: Lily Wilkinson

Services & Green Officer: Natasha Bloomfield

The election materials of these candidates are archived below.

The following are candidates for the above elections, click on their names to view their manifestos. You can see the video hustings by clicking here and answers to hustings questions by clicking here:

Vice-President Internal (Support Team)

Harry Convey

James Combe

Treasurer (Support Team)

Arina Machine

Atalanta Sawdon Harkavy

Welfare Officer (x3, at least two genders represented)

Rati Aftab

Caitlyn Amey

Maxx Naoe

Mikha’el (Nikhil) Seth

Libby Warr

Ents Officer (x2)

Eliza Castell

Greg Taylor

Academic Affairs & Liaison Officer

Lindsay Robinot-Jones

Jennifer White

Target & Access Officer

Olivia Allen

Mia Cook

Communications Officer

Bronagh Leneghan

Freya Ruparel

Sports Officer

Lily Wilkinson

Services & Green Officer

Natasha Bloomfield

Personal & Social Development Officer had no nominations and hence will be elected in a second set of elections prior to Michaelmas 2020.

Re-Open Nominations (RON) is a candidate in all elections and, if elected, would require nominations to reopen for any unfilled positions for that role elected after RON.

If you are running in these elections please click here to find out the emergency procedure for this set of elections.

Support Team Elections Lent 2020

President and Vice-President External were elected in this round of elections. The following candidates were elected:

President Joseph Saxby
Vice-President External Seb Kobler