Easter 2021




We will be electing all the Executive Roles at this election. These roles are currently held by:


Academic Affairs – Jennifer White (hus-academics@homerton.cam.ac.uk)

Communications – Bronagh Leneghan (hus-comms@homerton.cam.ac.uk)

Ents – Greg Taylor and Eliza Castell (hus-ents@homerton.cam.ac.uk)

Welfare – Libby Warr, Mikha’el Seth and Rati Aftab (hus-welfare@homerton.cam.ac.uk)

Services and Green – Natasha Bloomfield (hus-services@homerton.cam.ac.uk)

Sports – Lily Wilkinson (hus-sports@homerton.cam.ac.uk)

Target and Access – Mia Cook (hus-access@homerton.cam.ac.uk)

Personal and Social Development Officer – Position Currently Unfilled (hus-careers@homerton.cam.ac.uk)


Click here to see a ‘Role Description’ detailing what is expected of the person in the role. Note there is only one person in each role, apart from Ents (2) and Welfare (3, with at least one male and female). Previous poster examples can be found here for a variety of support and executive roles!



9pm Monday 7th June – Nominations Open.

9pm Monday 14th June – Nominations Close.

7pm Friday 18th June – Virtual Hustings Video Posted.

8pm Friday 18th June – Voting Opens.

8pm Monday 21st June – Voting Closes and Winners announced.




In order to be nominated you need a proposer and two seconders (neither of whom can be current HUS members). You will need to fill in the online nomination form linked here by the end of nominations. We will email the proposer and seconder you fill in to verify they have agreed to this, so you must ensure they have agreed before you send in the nomination form. 

If we do not receive verification by 9pm Wednesday 16th June from your proposer and seconder (we will email you once we have received these) your nomination will be invalid.

Your proposer will be required to send us a 1 min speech about why you should have the role (see hustings below).




Do not campaign at all until we tell you nominations have closed. Expect this to happen shortly after 9pm Monday 14th June. 

Social media campaigning is banned except from changing your cover photo on Facebook once with the explicit permission of the HUS Vice President Internal.

Do not include any political allegiance on any of your campaign materials.

Do not include images of you on your campaign materials.

Do not name any supporters on your campaign materials.

We will be posting two sets of posters on the JCR Facebook, Discord and by email.

Campaign materials (e.g. Flyers or Posters) posted in College must be approved by the HUS Vice President Internal before being posted.

Your new cover photo will also need approval before you post it. Send all of these to the deputy returning officer at hus-internal@homerton.cam.ac.uk



Hustings will take place as it has for the last few elections now which is via video rather than the usual live edition in the buttery. Proposers will need to record a 1 minute speech and candidates a 2 minute one. These will then be edited together with everyone else’s speeches into a Youtube video which will be uploaded to the HUS YouTube channel on Friday 18th June 7pm.



Voting will take place as normal, online between 8pm Friday 18th June and 8pm Monday 21st June.