Easter 2022




Previous poster examples can be found here for a variety of support and executive roles!




Friday 4th March: Nominations Open

Wednesday 9th March 2pm: Nominations Close

Sunday 13th March 7pm: Hustings

Sunday 13 March 8pm: Voting Opens

Wednesday 16th 8pm: Voting Closes




Do not campaign at all until we tell you nominations have closed. Expect this to happen shortly after 2pm Friday 6th May. 

Social media campaigning is banned except from changing your cover photo on Facebook once with the explicit permission of the HUS Vice President Internal.

Do not include any political allegiance on any of your campaign materials.

Do not include images of you on your campaign materials.

Do not name any supporters on your campaign materials.

Campaign materials (e.g. Flyers or Posters) posted in College must be approved by the HUS Vice President Internal before being posted.

Your new cover photo will also need approval before you post it. Send all of these to the deputy returning officer at hus-president@homerton.cam.ac.uk



Hustings will take place in its traditional format live in the MAB Auditorium at 6:30 PM Monday 9th May. Proposers will be required to make a 1 minute speech proposing their candidate and nominees will have to make a 2 minute speech. All nominees will answer questions from the audience.



Voting will take place as normal, online between 8pm Monday 9th May and 8pm Wednesday 11th May. Results will be announced after voting closes