Hello! Welcome to our Virtual Hustings!


Meet the candidates!

Candidates will be proposed by a one minute speech by a fellow student, then have two minutes to introduce themselves and give you an overview of their campaign objectives.


Voting opens at 8pm on Friday 18th June and will remain open until 8pm, Monday 21st June.

To vote please visit: https://www.vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk/homerton-hus/20-21/huselections/

If there is any issue, please contact et418@cam.ac.uk or hus-internal@homerton.cam.ac.uk (or both) as soon as possible to ensure your vote is counted.

Here’s a bit of info about STV voting in case this type of election is unfamiliar to you please click here for a brief explanation.


Candidate Manifestos

For more info about the candidates’ campaign, here are their manifestos!

Academic Affairs and Liaison

Sasha Grantham


Tavy Oursin

Ents (x2 Officers Elected)

Amy Reid

Isabella Todini

Josh Moreton

Jude Jones

Services and Green

Helena Kruder

Target and Access

Ines Cropper De Andres

Reyhannisa Haji

Welfare (x3 Officers Elected)

Laura Stevens

Rhea Sarawgi

Robin Webber

Theola Ojo