The medicine course at Cambridge is split into two halves. The first 3 years comprise pre-clinical studies where you learn all of the fundamental biological science that underpins medicine including anatomy, pathology, pharmacology and many more! In your 3rd year, you get the opportunity to specialise in a certain academic area and undertake a novel research project, working in the labs of very distinguished academics. The last 3 years are the clinical strand of the course and involve more hands-on practical sessions as well as hospital and GP placements, where you get to explore a variety of specialisms and hone the skills that are necessary for practising as a doctor. Cambridge medical students are incredibly lucky to be based at Addenbrooke’s hospital, which is world-renowned in multiple medical fields, pioneers some of the most innovative techniques and is home to some of the world’s most influential clinicians and researchers.


Medicine is an incredibly diverse subject (and career) and being a medical student at Cambridge University allows you to explore every avenue and discover what really interests you. You will gain an incredibly detailed understanding of the complexities of the human body that will give you the best start to your future career in practice.


Despite medicine being a fairly new subject offered at Homerton College, there is a fantastic community of students and teaching staff that will support you throughout your studies to ensure that you fulfil your potential and enjoy your time here. Homerton is a fantastic college in which to study Medicine!