It’s the start of a new year at Homerton, which means a new HUS Team.


Our previous team did a wonderful job last year, and it’s incredibly daunting to step into Miranda’s shoes. Having been here for two years as president, she knew the ins and outs of college and went to an insane amount of effort to get everything organised and sorted for students. Thankfully I have our HUS Manager, Emma, to help me out!


I’ve decided to start these informal blog posts as a way of updating students as to what exactly I’m doing and organising for them throughout the year. Currently I’m working on organising Fresher’s Week, and the majority of the HUS team will arrive this weekend to help get everything sorted. We have moved the office around and decorated a little bit, got a fresher’s timetable sorted and I’m currently talking to staff about changing the bops up … watch this space!


I’ll update throughout the week as things develop.



(HUS President)


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