Privacy Policy

Homerton Hall Meals Facebook Messenger Bot

Data received

Facebook sends the message along with some metadata. Of this, the service uses:

  • The message itself
  • Sender ID (uniquely identifies the sender within the scope of a page)
Data stored

For simple use, no data is stored beyond processing.

If subscribe command is used, the sender ID is stored. This is used to:

  • Send the user the menu for a meal 45 minutes before the start of the meal (if the menu exists).
  • Service announcements (e.g. hall advertised as being open, but actually being closed)

The sender ID is stored unencrypted in a persistent key-value store (BoltDB).

Data removal

In order to remove the sender ID from the database, the unsubscribe command can be used.

Privacy Concerns

For more information, this app is based on the Churchill Meals Bot for which the source code is on GitHub.