So you’re thinking about applying to Homerton? It’s as easy as…

Thinking of applying?

If you’re thinking of applying to Homerton – great! It’s a wonderful place, and (we’ll bring this statistic up until the end of time) we’ve been rated as the friendliest college by Friends Reunited. Before you apply, you’ll want to consider a few things…

1. Getting the grades

The standard Cambridge offer is currently A*AA for all subjects. If there’s a possibility of you achieving those grades, then it is entirely worth your time applying.

2. Choosing your College

Your College is your home for the three or four years of your degree, so it’s important to consider your choice carefully. You’ll live and work among the people you meet at College, many of whom will become your closest friends. There are 31 Colleges in total; three only admit women, and three only admit graduates, but the rest are open to anyone. Luckily, by already visiting the HUS website, you’re showing the keenness that makes for a great Homertonian!

3. Choosing your subject

Along with choosing a College, your subject is one of the most important choices you’ll make when applying to Cambridge. You’ll (hopefully) spend a lot of time at your faculty, so do a bit of research and find out where it is and what it’s like.


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Preparing for an interview?

Interviews are a really important part of the Cambridge application process – applicants are invited to interview either in Cambridge or, for some international students, by phone. They are definitely and understandably nerve wracking but everybody who gets an offer will have had to go through them though and some people even end up almost enjoying them! The best way to approach interviews is as a chance to talk about a subject you love, but here are some things it’s good to know going into the process:

– You may have between one and three interviews but most people have two, each lasting between 20 and 45 minutes. You will have been notified about any work you should have sent ahead to discuss or tests you may have to sit.

– Interviews are predominantly academic and subject-related. Don’t worry about bizarre questions, interviewers aren’t trying to make you look stupid; they want to talk to you about the aspects of your subject you are interested in.

– Don’t worry about what to wear really, be sensible (tracksuits bottoms might look a bit weird) but there’s not necessarily a need to wear a suit

– Try and re-read your personal statement and the essays you have sent in before your interview and think about how you might explain what you wrote

– Practice talking about your subject as often as possible, with teachers (especially ones that you are slightly scared of!), your family and really anyone who will listen to you!

Got an offer?

You’re a pre-fresher! Now all you’re waiting on are those all-important exam results. In the meantime, like the HUS JCR Facebook page and keep an eye out for the Homerton College Offer Holder Facebook page! The best way to get a feel for what life is going to be like at Homerton is to check out the Freshers’ Guide – it has all the information you could want about living and studying in college, including an idea of what your Freshers’ Week is going to be like so you’re really prepared! The Tutorial Office will send this to you in due course!