We have a number of currently running external campaigns campaigning for Homerton students in the wider University and Cambridge community. These are run by our Vice President External (for 2019-20 this is Henry Wright) who can be contacted at hus-external@homerton.cam.ac.uk

Latest update (09/10)

We want U back I’ve met with the CUSU President who has pledged his support and will be meeting Graham Virgo (one of the Pro-Vice Chancellors) who sits on the committee which makes the decisions regarding the bus to ensure that a fully open consultation is provided for students at Homerton to fill in which has been promised to us multiple times since the original decision. Having found documents from the committee it is clear that other alterations to the route have been made before and as such I will be demanding the return of some service to Homerton this year if possible.

I’ve also met with the Girton JCR President and VP who we’re teaming up to work with on this campaign since they too, lack a bus service and have had their calls for one ignored by the University.

I’ve requested a meeting with our local MP Heidi Allen and will be meeting with Geoff this week to discuss the campaign.

Cycling campaign I’m working with the university travel department to arrange free cycle training for students which is being offered for free by the university this year.

#HomertonVotes I’ve talked to all of the new freshers about the importance of registering to vote and why as young people we should vote to avoid our future being determined by others.

Campaigns for 2019-20

We want U back!

Our main external campaign this year is for the return of the U bus! Homerton students and staff overwhelmingly want the U bus back and the substantial number of people disadvantaged by the decision by the University in 2016 is an outrage for us. To further rub salt into the wound the bus stop on Brooklands Avenue was moved further down the road, increasing the time taken to access the U bus.


At the last election only 270 Homerton students were registered to vote. We want to increase the number of students who are registered to vote and who do vote when elections come around. We will try to do this with voter registration at the Freshers’ Fayre as well as putting on candidate hustings where possible.

Cycling Campaign

92.5% of Homertonians use Cycling as their main form of transport but the cycling infrastructure on the main routes into town and over to Sidge and West Cambridge can leave a lot to be desired. We will be promoting safe cycling as well as campaigning for improved cycle relations.

Old Updates

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