We have a number of currently running external campaigns campaigning for Homerton students in the wider University and Cambridge community. These are run by our Vice President External (for 2019-20 this is Henry Wright) who can be contacted at hus-external@homerton.cam.ac.uk

Latest update (05/01)

Geoff holding a "We want U back" poster

Woah that was a busy term! Hence why I’ve only just got round to writing this. Other than dealing with the strikes, here’s a short summary of what I’ve been doing representing U externally this term….

We want U back 

I met with Geoff right back at the start of the term (see above for proof) to discuss what we could do to get the bus back. He agreed to speak with the Mistress at Girton College and they have had conversations about our lack of bus service.

I also met with Girton’s old and new VP to discuss the issue and we’ve been working together on this in partnership with the CUSU president.

I presented the results of our bus and cycling survey at a surprise meeting with the University’s travel people and their consultants who are deciding the future of the U bus at the next contract renewal. Together myself, Geoff and Deborah (the bursar) made a forceful case for Homerton’s inclusion. They promised an online consultation survey for students to fill in and have made this available. I’ve ensured that CUSU publicise it alongside our point of view and have done the same for the local bus user group.

As we get nearer to the crunch meeting of the University committee that makes decisions on the bus (this takes place in early February) it’s time for one last big push. I will be making open letters (per department) available right at the start of next term and if you haven’t already: please fill in the survey for the chance to win £100! We’re already the no 1. respondent, let’s cement that position.

Instructions on how best to fill in the survey to help our cause are below:

  • Go to https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/universal/
  • Respond to Q1 how you want
  • For Q2, tick “No stop near where I start my journey” and tick “Other (please say)”, entering “The U bus does not stop outside Homerton College” (and all others that apply)
  • Respond how you want to Q4 – Q12
  • For Q13, tick “Very Dissatisfied (1)” for “Overall”, “Locations / destinations served by the bus”, “Walking distance to nearest bus stop” and fill in all others how you want
  • For Q14, enter something along the lines of “It would be improved if it served Homerton College directly so I could get on it easier” in addition to any other comments you have
  • For Q15, enter “Homerton College and Girton College main site”
  • Respond to Q16 how you want
  • For Q17 pick either “Received email” or “Social media” as applicable
  • For Q18 pick “University of Cambridge student”
  • For Q19 pick “Homerton”
  • For Q20, it would be really helpful if you could pick “Yes”, the bigger the chance of having an actual Homertonian in the meeting, the better our chances of being heard directly
  • Answer the remaining questions as you want and submit!

#HomertonVotes in the smallest surprise of last term there was a general election which took place just after it had finished. I publicised and helped people fill in postal voter registration forms and ended up delivering about 30 of them myself! There are no government elections next term but there are CUSU elections which the HUS will publicise nearer the time.

Other Some things don’t fit neatly here but I’ve also attended several meetings with other JCR reps and ensured that students get the clearest information on Brexit given it will be happening on 31st January: I’ll keep working on this in the new year!

Campaigns for 2019-20

We want U back!

Our main external campaign this year is for the return of the U bus! Homerton students and staff overwhelmingly want the U bus back and the substantial number of people disadvantaged by the decision by the University in 2016 is an outrage for us. To further rub salt into the wound the bus stop on Brooklands Avenue was moved further down the road, increasing the time taken to access the U bus.


At the last election only 270 Homerton students were registered to vote. We want to increase the number of students who are registered to vote and who do vote when elections come around. We will try to do this with voter registration at the Freshers’ Fayre as well as putting on candidate hustings where possible.

Cycling Campaign

92.5% of Homertonians use Cycling as their main form of transport but the cycling infrastructure on the main routes into town and over to Sidge and West Cambridge can leave a lot to be desired. We will be promoting safe cycling as well as campaigning for improved cycle relations.

Old Updates

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