Let us know how the HUS can support you during strikes! Share your concerns with the HUS anonymously via this google form. OR email Mia, our Vice President External
Follow the SU on facebook & instagram for updated information about picket lines and strike action. To come: Maps showing where picket lines are due to take place and picket line free entrances to support services (including DSC) Note sharing drive for missed teaching    
WHY DO SOME STUDENTS SUPPORT STRIKE ACTION? “Staff working conditions are student learning conditions” “Many of the staff forced to take strike action are students themselves, studying for postgraduate qualifications”          
What this means for students: Some,= University teaching hours (e.g. lectures and centrally-organised teaching) will not go ahead on specified strike days. College-based teaching, including supervisions will go ahead as normal. There may be disruption to libraries and other University services. Students will still be able to access the Student Services Centre (DRC and UCS)  
How the SU will support you:
  • Communicating clear information
  • Pushing for assessment mitigations to reflect content missed during strikes.
  • Working with student groups and Cambridge UCU to support all students’ education throughout strike action, including those who miss contact hours due to strikes or choose not to attend in solidarity.
  • Organising breakfast runs, where food and hot drinks are delivered to striking staff.
  • Pushing the University and their national representatives to seriously engage with UCU’s demands in order to stop the need for further strike action.
  • Ensuring that there is an open and welcoming culture on picket lines and throughout strike