Let us know how the HUS can support you during strikes! Share your concerns with the HUS anonymously via this google form. OR email Mia, our Vice President External

1. SU Note Sharing Drive: Join the SU note sharing drive to find lecture notes, essay plans and other resources from students across the university. 2. Homerton Subject Reps, Your subject reps will be in touch to offer support and guidance for working during strikes! We have also set up a volunteer list, with Hom students willing to share essays and help. 3. Student study groups: We would really recommend setting up your own study groups! Organise with other students on your course to get together and go over missed content. You can book rooms in Homerton to use using the conferencing form on the website.4. Attend Teach Outs: Some staff and faculties will be organising 'Teach Outs' on the picket lines. This is a great opportunity to talk more about your subject with academics, learn about current higher education context.

Academic Resources during the strikes


Sign up to the SU Note sharing drive

Homerton note sharing volunteers

SU Email campaign 

Breakfast Runs

Justice 4 College Supervisors Petition

Email the university about your frustrations: University management have the power to stop strike action now and in the future. Use the SU email template to let the university know that you support the strikes and want disruption to our education to end. 2. Breakfast Runs: If you want to get more involved you can support staff on picket lines by signing up to help with SU breakfast runs! An opportunity to show solidarity and speak to those striking in person. 3. Sign the petition: Sign the Justice 4 College Supervisors petition, calling on the university to provide paid training, fair pay and contracts for the casualised staff who teach undergraduates.4. Attend Rallies: Attending picket lines and rallies , shows solidarity and support for striking staff and lets the university know that students want to see change too. Follow the SU and Cambridge Defend Education to hear about upcoming rallies and student presence at the picket lines.

Ways to support the strikes

Your DoS and tutor are still available to support you during the strikes. Please also reach out to the HUS if you have any concerns, need to rant about disruptions or if we can be doing something different to help! The HUS are here to support all students, no matter your opinion on the strike action. If you experience any negative interactions at picket lines during the strike, please let the HUS or the SU know. We can report this to the UCU, who are monitoring pickets to keep them peaceful. There will be non-picketed entrances to the students services centre on New Museums Site (Including the Uni Counselling service and the DRC) More info.... UCU: https://www.ucu.cam.ac.uk/ Cambridge SU: https://www.cambridgesu.co.uk/yourvoice/projects/ucustrikes/                                            

Follow the SU on facebook & instagram for updated information about picket lines and strike action.  
WHY DO SOME STUDENTS SUPPORT STRIKE ACTION? “Staff working conditions are student learning conditions” “Many of the staff forced to take strike action are students themselves, studying for postgraduate qualifications”          
What this means for students: Some,= University teaching hours (e.g. lectures and centrally-organised teaching) will not go ahead on specified strike days. College-based teaching, including supervisions will go ahead as normal. There may be disruption to libraries and other University services. Students will still be able to access the Student Services Centre (DRC and UCS)  
How the SU will support you:
  • Communicating clear information
  • Pushing for assessment mitigations to reflect content missed during strikes.
  • Working with student groups and Cambridge UCU to support all students’ education throughout strike action, including those who miss contact hours due to strikes or choose not to attend in solidarity.
  • Organising breakfast runs, where food and hot drinks are delivered to striking staff.
  • Pushing the University and their national representatives to seriously engage with UCU’s demands in order to stop the need for further strike action.
  • Ensuring that there is an open and welcoming culture on picket lines and throughout strike