Michaelmas 2020


We will be electing one position to the HUS JCR Exec committee, since there were no candidates standing in the previous election cycle.

Personal and Social Development Officer: Please click here for the Role Description. The general Role Description of all Exec Members can be found here. This succeeds the role held by Arina Machine, please email her at HUS-Treasurer@homerton.cam.ac.uk with any questions. Sign up here.


We will be appointing the HUS Co-Opts. These are unelected positions that mean that you will be able to help out the HUS Exec and have input in your respective area. Find the Co-Opt Role descriptions here.

Welfare Co-Opts (x4)

We are looking for dedicated students who have an interest in student welfare and improving life at Homerton. You’d be working with the Welfare Officers to provide welfare supplies and support at welfare events. This is a great way to get to know more people in College and see if you’d be interested in running for any HUS positions in Easter Term later this year. Feel free to get in touch with Libby, Mikha’el or Rati with any questions! Sign up here.

Target and Access Co-Opt

This is your chance to get involved with the great work Homerton does in terms of widening participation for under-represented and under-privileged students. It’s a great, relatively low-commitment way to get involved with access schemes! You will be working with the Target & Access Officer with a share of the following responsibilities:
1) helping with the Homerton Shadowing Scheme (held in late February)
2) helping with the Easter Tour (2-3 days at the start of the Easter vacation, giving talks to some South Yorkshire schools)
3) helping with general T&A work throughout the year (e.g. giving tours of Homerton to school groups, and helping with T&A admin).

Feel free to get in touch with Mia with any questions! Sign up here.

Services and Green Co-Opt

If you’re interested in improving services and green initiatives at Homerton, this position is for you! You’d be working with the Services Officer to help out with storage at the beginning and end of each term, as well as helping the HUS and College maintain high levels of environmental awareness and sustainability (with a focus on Catering).

Feel free to get in touch with Natasha with any questions! Sign up here.

Open Portfolio

The role description for this post will be set out in the candidate’s application and by being appointed their remit will be accepted as a temporary part of the constitution. So if there is anything in particular you want to do for/with the HUS, or if you just want to get involved in the team in a more general way, this is the perfect opportunity! Sign up here.

Choosing Co-Opts

After applications have closed, the Support Team of the HUS will gather with the relevant Exec members and their preferred candidate(s) will be chosen based on the 300 submitted words. The list of chosen candidates will be released at the same time as the election of the PSDO on Monday 23rd November.



9pm Saturday 7th November – Nominations Open.

9pm Monday 16th November – Applications Close.

7pm Friday 20th – Virtual Hustings and HUS Open Meeting.

8pm Friday 20th – Voting Opens.

8pm Monday 23rd – Voting Closes and Winners announced.

Nominations for PSDO Election

In order to be nominated you need a proposer and a seconder (neither of whom can be current HUS members). You will need to fill in the online nomination form linked here by the end of nominations. We will email the proposer and seconder you fill in to verify they have agreed to this, so you must ensure they have agreed before you send in the nomination form. 

If we do not receive verification by 9pm Wednesday 18th November from your proposer and seconder (we will email you once we have received these) your nomination will be invalid.

Your proposer will be required to send us a 1 min speech about why you should have the role (see hustings below).


Do not campaign at all until we tell you nominations have closed. Expect this to happen shortly after 9pm Monday 16th November. 

Social media campaigning is banned except from changing your cover photo on Facebook once.

Do not include any political allegiance on any of your campaign materials.

Do not include images of you on your campaign materials.

Do not name any supporters on your campaign materials.

We will be posting two sets of posters on the JCR Facebook, Discord and by email.

Campaign materials (e.g. Flyers or Posters) posted in College must be approved by the HUS President before being posted.

Your new cover photo will also need approval before you post it. Send all of these to the returning officer at hus-president@homerton.cam.ac.uk


Hustings will take place online this year due to social gathering rules. The Hustings will take place at 7pm Friday 20th November at the HUS Open Meeting and will consist of a 1 minute speech by the proposer of each candidate, followed by a 2 minute speech by the candidate. People will be able to put questions to you using the chat function of the platform and you will be expected to give succinct answers.


Voting will take place as normal, online between 8pm Friday 20th November and 8pm Monday 23rd November 2020.