Grants & Scholarships

Find a full list of available grants and financial assistance on the Homerton website.

Subjects Offered At Homerton

For a full list of all the subjects offered for study at Homerton, visit the new Subjects page. It has full descriptions of what each subject entails, written by those who study them! If what you’re looking to know isn’t covered there, though, contact the Academic Affairs & Liaisons officer via the Contact page.

Subject Representatives

Your subject reps are available to offer any sort of support to do with your course. This could be in the form of academic help, paper advice, hints and tips, course structure questions or generally to talk a topic over with someone who’s studied it previously. If you don’t know who your Subject Rep is, contact the Academic Affairs & Liaisons officer via the Contact page.

University Challenge Team

If you fancy being the next Grinyer or Hooper, look out for news of the trials for next year’s University Challenge team. The trials will consist of a 50-question quiz. All welcome to try-out, or even if you just like quizzes…

Contact our Academic Affairs & Liaisons Officer

Sasha Grantham