ASNC is a degree which first sounds specific, but in reality allows the exploration of literature, languages and history of enormously diverse cultures across many centuries. The course allows students to specify in the subjects and peoples that most interest them, and after your first year you can borrow a range of papers exploring archaeology, later medieval history and Old French literature as well. While a range of demands of language skills, literary analysis and history may seem stretching, the degree is enormously satisfying – students build an intimate picture of the formation period of Northern European culture, the effects of which are felt everywhere today.

Homerton typically has one or two ASNCs a year (there are about 25 University-wide), and a centrally-based DoS (in 2018). This means that students have little competition over a small section of the Homerton library, but also that there is a sociable atmosphere within the department itself, as course friends are separate from college life. ASNC offers an opportunity to build a detailed medieval worldview unique as an undergraduate degree, and while the department is run more centrally than other courses, Homerton’s welcoming atmosphere makes the college a wonderful place to study any topic.