As Cambridge has a strong claim for being the first university to ever teach English Literature, has taught writers from Lord Byron to Syliva Plath, and was recently voted by QS World University Rankings 2015 as having the best English faculty in the world, it is arguably the best place to study English.

The course is extensive and thorough in its coverage of the past 700 years of English prose, poetry and drama, their social and historical contexts, and the procedure and practice of the relatively recent school of ‘Practical Criticism’.By drawing on its own rich history and being home to lecturers and supervisors who are the foremost in their fields, studying English at Cambridge feels like a guided tour through literary history, and a front seat for the most exciting academic developments happening anywhere.

Divided into two parts, ‘Part I’ of the course allows for a standardised grounding and understanding of Literature before ‘Part II’ allows every student to then choose their own path, revisiting areas they enjoyed from Part I or heading in completely new academic directions, making the course perfect for both those who love the cutting edge of modern literature, or those who prefer to spend their hours translating Chaucer, and everyone in between.