History? Just one thing after another? Well yes, but it’s more than that. History is all about the cut and thrust of debate. We try to understand the past, but that past is a maze – there are many answers before us, but which are the most convincing? Which bits are the most interesting?

Studying history at Cambridge will give you the tools to analyse the past and come up with sophisticated answers to major (and minor) historical problems. In the process you will learn things that will make you see the modern world in a very different light.

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How will you study History at Cambridge? Every term, you’ll choose a paper to study – and that paper can be from virtually any period and type of history you want. Then, each week, you’ll be given an essay topic to go and research. By the end of the week, you’ll have gone from knowing virtually nothing about the topic to being able to write a sophisticated essay on it. The day after you submit your essay, you’ll have your weekly supervision, where a worldwide expert in the field you are studying will discuss your essay with you for an hour. This is what makes studying History at Cambridge so great – the close tuition that you get each week, which gives you extremely personalised feedback with your supervisor.

However, on top of that, you will learn so much and be enthused even more by the environment that Cambridge has to offer. Other students will challenge your ways of thinking, and push you to improve. You will be able to have intellectual debate with other people who are just as passionate about history and its related subjects as you are.

In short, if you love History and want to push your intellectual horizons further, Cambridge is the place to be.[/one_half_last]