Human, Social and Political Sciences is a diverse and varied course that is unique to Cambridge. You can take anything from Akkadian Language to Politics, Biological Anthropology to Sociology. In Year One, you have the chance to take four different papers from a list that spans the entirety of the course, as well as a few that have been ‘borrowed’ from other triposes. An HSPS student will then go on to specialise in either one or two of these papers in years two and three.

The course mainly centres around essay writing and exams, but as you progress through your degree, coursework modules are available. The broad nature of the HSPS course gives you a firm basis in a range of topics and helps to widen your understanding of how different subjects may interlink. The material for both lectures and independent work covers many areas, making sure that there is something for everyone. HSPS gives insight into a whole world of interconnected topics that you may not have even heard of before!