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Psychological and behavioural sciences (PBS) is a course which not only allows the in depth study of psychology, but also allows the exploration of various other disciplines that are closely related to it. Although there are several compulsory modules for building a broader base, there is vast choice in the optional papers which one can choose according to their personal interests. The compulsory modules in the first year introduce the main theoretical and methodological approaches to psychology, with various practical classes which support the lecture material.

The lectures introduce the main debates that are central to the discipline and suggest biological, social and cognitive ways of tackling them. Although the optional papers can vary slightly from year to year, great variety is guaranteed. It is not only the course that makes it fascinating to study psychology at Cambridge, but other opportunities that the university and the city provide. One can take part in studies and experiments or listen to talks given by experts from all over the world.

Through these means, one has the opportunity to gain a further insight into subfields of psychology and find out about the newest and most exciting research going on right around us.[/one_half_last]