Hi! I’m Hannah and I am your Class Act Officer. This page of the website is all about events and support for students who are from working class, low-income, first-generation, state-comp educated, estranged and care leaver backgrounds.


The Cambridge Student’s Union (SU) has a Class Act campaign throughout university, and events are held for students. A highlight is the Class Act Fresher’s Formal, held at Trinity College in Easter Term. I went in my first year and it was very fancy (and free of charge!) and a great opportunity to chat to other students from similar backgrounds to myself. I hope to hold Homerton’s very own first generation formal later in the year when formals start again. If this isn’t possible, hopefully a garden party can be arranged instead.


The Class Act SU Campaign has a Facebook Group for students who self-identify as having experienced any social, educational, cultural or economic disadvantages. The link can be found at:


The group is an informal way to find out about panels, careers events, talks and social events!


Being from disadvantaged backgrounds in Cambridge can feel lonely at times, and imposter syndrome affects many students. I hope that throughout the year I can hold events targeted at combatting those feelings of doubt.


I will update the HUS JCR group throughout the year with information on Homerton and university-wide events and I hope to meet as many of you as possible once term starts! Homerton is a diverse community and I hope you love it here as much as I do!