Here’s everything you could ever need to know for all you international students at Homerton, and we know there’s a lot of you!

Feel free to contact the HUS at any point if you have any questions or queries as an international student. Use the Contact page to message us directly, and we can put you in touch with this year’s International Officer!

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Travel inside of the UK

By Train or Coach (bus)

Train and coach tickets can be booked online. Generally speaking, trains tend to be more expensive but also more flexible, both in terms of time of travel and stations available. Coaches from Cambridge to London (Victoria Coach Station, no return) can be booked starting at £5. The train station is closer to Homerton, however, than the Cambridge coach station at Parker’s Piece. If you travel by train more often it might be worth considering a Railcard.

Train tickets will have to be picked up at the station before travel or can alternatively be sent to your address (in this case, make sure to leave enough time for them to arrive in the post). Coach tickets will probably need to be printed out and shown to the driver when boarding.

For more information and to book online have a look here:
National Rail (train):
National Express (coach):



International Travel

By Train or Coach (Bus)

Information coming soon!

By Plane

Stansted Airport (on map): Closest to Cambridge and the easiest to get to, both by train and coach. Not all airlines fly here, though.

Heathrow Airport (on map): By far the largest airport of the three. You will find most airlines and international flights here.

Gatwick Airport (on map): Furthest away of these three airports and smaller than Heathrow. However, sometimes some interesting flights are offered from/to this airport. When comparing flight prices also keep in mind that travel costs to get from Cambridge to the airport in the first place will most likely be higher than to Stansted, for instance.

By Car

To cross over to the UK you can either take a ferry (see below) or the Eurotunnel. Remember, different than in most other European countries, the traffic in the UK is on the left hand side! The adjustment to suddenly driving on the opposite side can be challenging; if in doubt, perhaps consider choosing another means of transport instead of driving yourself.

By Boat

There are several ferries which commute between the UK and mainland. The most common and probably cheapest choice is Calais (France) – Dover. Other routes tend to take longer, are serviced less frequently and generally cost more.
However, if you are coming by car, from somewhere east of Rotterdam, for instance, a there is a ferry between Hoek van Holland (Rotterdam, Netherlands) and Harwich (which is a lot closer to Cambridge than Dover and potentially helps to avoid heavy traffic around London).

Depending on where you are driving from, there might be other convenient ferry services as well. Sometimes these can turn out to be cheaper than driving the entire distance to Calais by car, so it is worth having a look at.


As an international student you might find yourself with too many things at the end of term to take on a plane. There are a few options in terms of storage.

The HUS offers limited vacation storage in College, making it the most convenient option for many students. It is usually open for a few days before travel day at the end of term, and a few days after travel day at the start of term. It is priced fairly, usually at around £10 per box. There are discounts available for those storing more items. Full pricings are available from the HUS Office or the Services Officer. For more information, contact the Services Officer via our Contact page.

There are also companies offering storage, some of whom often advertise themselves when the end of term is nearing. Make sure to check whether a company has a student option, as it might be cheaper than the normal one. These companies can still be quite expensive, however, especially if only storing a few items, so make sure to check with them in advance if you are thinking of using one.


To store your things you will probably need boxes of some sort. If you don’t have any or enough yet, there a number of places you can get some. Sometimes shops will have empty boxes they want to throw out – it can be worth asking staff members about it, as they might give those to you for free (if they have any). Alternatively you can buy boxes and other packing material from Pickfords, which is just behind Leisure Park beside the railway bridge. Sometimes fellow students might also have boxes to give away, so keep an eye out. The HUS usually also has boxes for sale in the weeks leading up to the end of term.

Rooms During Vacations

Students can book extra nights to stay up or return early at least 7 days before the first extra night using the Homerton Nexus.

Visas, Fees and Other Info

You need to bring your visa to the Tutorial office and register at the start of each term since it’s the college’s responsibility to keep track of your stats.

For those whose visa requires registration with the police, please have it done as early as possible. If you are not required to come to any specific police station, please ask the Porters for directions to the local one.

Internationals in Cambridge

There is a huge international student community in Cambridge, with international CUSU (iCUSU) being the umbrella. More information can be found here:

Below is the links of some large international societies:

All international student societies’ website can be found in