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QR code for welfare guide download The HUS has three Welfare Officers, alongside eight Liberation Officers (BME, Disabilities, International, Class Act, LGBT+ & Gender Equality)! As your Welfare Officers our main priority is to make sure that all of you beautiful people are enjoying your time at university, and are keeping yourselves happy and healthy at the same time. We are available to talk to you 9am to 7pm through the confidential welfare phone and are always available for a chat, no matter how big or small the problem is. Here are a few of the issues we can help you with: (C/N: Self-h*rm, e*ting disorders) Sexual health checks Self-Harm Making friends and meeting people Mindfulness in Homerton Eating disorders Addiction Symptoms of STDs Student Healthcare Guide 2015 – lots of useful info from the NHS about where to get medical help as a student in Cambridge – information about the abortion clinic in Cambridge.

Welfare Services

We provide free sexual health and sanitary products as well as the ability to direct you to the right location for mental health and physical health. These are all described in more detail on our services page.

To whom you can turn 


The welfare team are here to support anyone with any issues throughout the year, but we’re also generally available for a chat or a moan at any point; we’re not counsellors, we’re students, so whether it’s an annoying family argument, a desperate craving for a cookie or a much more serious issue, we can and will find a way to help. Please do ring us if you have a problem and feel like you want to talk to someone, we’re happy to listen and we never want anyone to feel embarrassed! The contact number is: 07876 317 717 We can reply to calls and texts from 9am – 7pm every day during term time. You can also email us at, and you’ll be seeing us around college, so do come and say hi! Alternatively, you can use our  Contact page to request welfare supplies.


We also have a Student Health Advisor that is employed by College. For more complex matters, she may refer you to your doctor or other medical services in Cambridge, but is a great first step and can help relay any issues directly to your tutor or DoS. Her contact details are: Email: Phone: 01223 747248 If you want to book an appointment to see her, please click here.

College Counsellor

We also have our very own counsellor in Homerton. Counselling offers you an opportunity to talk over any troubling issues in a private and relaxed setting with someone who plays no other role in your College life. If you have a personal or work-related problem, or if you are feeling unhappy, anxious or depressed, we encourage you to talk to Catherine. Catherine trained in a psychotherapist with the Cambridge Society for Psychotherapy. During her training she worked at the University Counselling Service. Her contact details are: Email: Find out more about her on her page of the Homerton College website, here.


Your college tutor is there for your pastoral needs and can often give advice if you are struggling with work or have an issue with college accommodation or buildings by contacting the right person in college on your behalf. They can also recommend solutions to getting to lectures if you’re having difficulties. If, for any reason, you do not want to approach your tutor alone one of us will be happy to facilitate a meeting and have as much or as little involvement as you like. You can also contact the Senior Tutor, Penny Barton, at, or in her office, CAV 102.

Porters & On-Duty Tutor

For out-of-hours or emergency care, you can contact the Porters’ Lodge at 01223 747111, and they will arrange emergency medical care, or put you in contact with  the On-Duty Tutor. Please note: if you call an ambulance, please let the Porters’ Lodge know ASAP so they can prepare the site for access for the vehicle.

SU Welfare

SU Welfare Officer SU Women’s Officer SU Disabled Students’ Officer

University Services

University Counselling Service Student Union’s Advice Service Disability Resource Centre Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA)


Nightline (a student-run helpline open 7pm to 7am) – 01223 744 444 Samaritans (a volunteer-run service) – 116 123 (from any phone)   If you are unsure about which of these services to contact, please get in touch with the HUS Welfare Team.


Welfare Phone (9am-7pm term time)

07876 317 717